Big Dog, Bigger Heart

Welcome a gentle giant into your home

Hillcrest Great Danes is the area's premier Great Dane breeder. Our puppies have become service dogs, show dogs and family members throughout Mason City, IA and the surrounding area. These adorable pups may look small now, but they'll quickly reach the giant statue their breed is beloved for.

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About Our Kennel

Choosing the right kennel is an important part of the adoption process. Learn all about our methods for breeding and rearing our Great Dane puppies.

Puppies Available

See pictures of the pups currently available from Hillcrest Great Danes. You can use the form on this page to start the application process.

Healthy pups make happy dogs

When choosing a pup, their health is of the utmost importance. Hillcrest Great Danes...

Works one-on-one with a local veterinarian to ensure every pup is healthy.

Provides the pups with monthly checkups to track healthy development and spot any potential health concerns.

Has years of experience breeding and raising Great Danes and a variety of other dog breeds.

To learn more about our puppy-rearing practices, please call 641-903-5593 now.

Is a Great Dane right for you?

Great Danes make wonderful pets, but they require two major things from their caretakers:


Great Danes need a lot of room. Their huge size and need for exercise means you've got to have a good-sized, fenced-in yard to keep your dog physically and emotionally healthy.


Like most dog breeds, Great Danes need attention. Make sure you can devote at least 30 minutes per day to providing exercise, and even more time for general companionship and attention.

If you've got what it takes to care for a Great Dane, we've got a puppy that's just right for you.