Make Sure Your Pup Had a Healthy Start in Life

Work with a quality state-inspected and state-licensed breeder

Choosing the right dog for you or your family involves more than just picking out your ideal breed. You want to make sure your Great Dane puppy comes from a reputable breeder. Sadly, just like with people, dogs can suffer the lifelong effects of neglect, food scarcity and abuse. Make sure your dog had a happy and healthy puppyhood by choosing Hillcrest Great Danes.

Every pup here receives...

Consistent love and affection | Skilled puppy training | Monthly checkups with an experienced veterinarian | proper training for guard dogs, service dogs, and professional show dogs.

Choose a Great Dane puppy that has been lovingly reared by an experienced, licensed and state-inspected dog breeder.

Learn about your pup's history

Hillcrest Great Danes is owned and operated by an experienced breeder. A deep-rooted love for these amazing animals is at the heart of our business. When you choose a pup from our kennel, you'll receive a healthy, happy, well-trained animal companion.

If you have any questions about our kennel or about Great Danes in general, please contact our owner at 641-903-5593.